Pukhtadozi Behri Tiny Cushion Cover

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Designed by Tashi Goldring exclusively for Artisan Links and recently restyled into a mini pillow cover by Christine Gent. This piece is inspired by the vast use of geometrical patterns in traditional Afghan embroideries. ‘Pukhta’ means strong and ‘dozi’ means embroidery – 'Behri' in Dari means Marine. The traditional triangular motif is translated into ''Sail' of a boat. Behr pillow collection is ideal for a cozy living room, study (home office) or even offices.

Puktadozi embroidery, pure cotton thread for embroidery, pure linen base fabric

Size: 25cm x 25cm

Color: Blue on Silver Green

Weight: 36.0 grams

Dry clean or hand wash

Made in Pakistan