We promise exclusivity

Artisan Links’ experienced production & creative teams and our talented artisans have years of experience in producing custom made art pieces for its valued customers. Our work includes producing bespoke pillow cases, apparel, accessories, gifts and holiday ornaments for design houses, boutique shops and freelance designers. We enjoy working on bespoke designs the most, Creativity is at its best during the production process. The final art piece brings joy to the team and the

Production capability

We consider ourselves a small, exclusive business in size. Our artisanal capacity consists of 800 plus artisans scattered from the north of Pakistan to the south of the country. 12000 pieces of Tarshumar embroidery strips in different sizes were produced in 5 months, 620 artisans from all over the country were involved in the production.

This is just one example to give the customer an idea of our production capability. Though each order differs from the other depending on the type, size, design of the embroidery. At the initial stage of receiving an order the customer is informed of the completion date.

We believe in transparency throughout our production process.

How does bespoke design come to life at Artisan Links?

Share your artwork, we will bring the design to life OR Get inspired by Artisan Links’ traditional or contemporary patterns, recreate them to your taste and imagination. We will make sure quality product is handed over to the customer.

Bespoke designing process

Customer - Share your artwork
Artisan Links – assists in selecting type of embroideries, base fabric etc.
Artisan links - produce and share the sample photo with the customer via email or physical
piece shipped to the customer
Customer - Reviews the samples and can request any changes or tweaks to the piece
Artisan Links – Submits second sample for approval
Artisan Links – Provides price quote to the customer
Customer - PO will be issued
Artisan Links - Dispatch date and payment method will be decided
Artisan Links - Starts production; sourcing raw materials, pattern making, tracing,
distributing the pieces to the artisans, collection of pieces, wash & iron, quality check
Artisan Links – Products packed, coded and shipped to the customer