Artisan Links is a socially responsible fair trade business featuring products that contribute to a sustainable future. As the only guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), each product we create is beautifully handcrafted by our team of women-only artisans, comprising of Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Our motto is to be a responsible business, and we empower women in marginalized communities by helping them gain economic security and encouraging them to exploit their artistic expertise. By translating traditional embroidery techniques into contemporary designs, we develop exquisite hand embroidered apparel, home furnishings, gifts, accessories and more. We believe in the importance of cultural preservation, which is why you’ll find that our embroidery makes use of various intricate techniques such as Kandahari, PuktaDozi and more.

Our igniters

Meet our team members that are pouring their hearts and experties to make sure that you recieve supreme quality products.

Tahira is the Founder/CEO, The Visionary! Shabana, the dynamic wizard that gets the job done against all odds, heads the Production & Sales. Fayaz heads the Finance & Administration of Artisan Links with his exceptional analytical skills.

Artisan Links team members come from different backgrounds and age groups but our passion to succeed, our work ethics and our commitment to the wellbeing of our artisans makes us the ‘THE TEAM’ we are today.

Our artisans

Artisan Links’ strength lies within its workforce, the Artisans. We work with eight hundred and fifty artisans across Pakistan. Each and every one of our products has a story behind it – meet the women responsible for creating them.