Tahira Afridi

Tahira is a go-getter. She is an independent woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. As cheesy as it sounds, her work is her passion. She’s a woman with a spark – there’s a reason why New York is her all-time favorite place to be! But that doesn’t stop her from experiencing the other things that matter. Tahira loves her family. She understands the importance of relationships and knows that spending time together with family should not be taken for granted.

Fayaz Mehmood

Fayaz is fascinated by numbers and takes a keenness in how organizations evolve and grow. You’ll catch him in two situations – either reading a book or talking about a car. He is a simple man, but with strong values. Fayaz does not appreciate disloyalty.

Shabana Ashraf

Shabana is a self-made woman, which should not come as a surprise since she is so hardworking. Her positive attitude and ability to multi-task has allowed her to become the woman she is today. Shabana loves a challenge. Her motto is to learn, share and grow.